Frequently Asked Questions

Does BookGenie Accept coupons codes and vouchers?

No, it does not. We offer the best mobile pricing right in the application; it sure makes it a lot easier to checkout!

Can I access my projects from BookGenie and vice versa?

No, I’m afraid not. We know, it stinks. We’ll get there.

How many photos can be in my book?

Up to 200 photos.

How much do books cost?

We update our pricing on a regular basis. Please check the app for the latest.

Can I change the layout of my book?

Yes you can. Create a photo book, select the cover and you will find different cover layouts from which you can pick one.

Can I change the order of my photos?

No. BookGenie puts your photos in chronological order (oldest first). If BookGenie isn’t doing this properly, please let us know.

Can the same photobook designs be done on BookGenie as

No. BookGenie is meant to be a super-simple super-fast way of making a photobook from scratch. is a great web application for laptops and desktops. It’s the best way to access all our other design tools. A mobile device’s screen is just too small for fancy projects.

Can BookGenie be used offline?

You bet; no Internet required. Although you order will not be placed until you get back online. So next time you’re on a boring airplane or bus ride make a Photo Book!